Commercial Carpets


The Floors of your commercial space give an immediate impression of your business/commercial property. Your flooring will see more wear and tear than any other part of your business/property. This is why Royal Blinds & Carpets believes in assisting you to learn as much as you can about your choices and options when it comes to the best solution to longest lasting carpet.

We can make any carpet solution work for you, from replacing old carpet or wanting to go over existing flooring. Don’t let your old flooring be a distracting eyesore that diminishes other’s perception of your space.

Why choose carpeted floors over hard wood in your business:

  • Modern Carpets materials more resistant to staining
  • Carpet retains warmth and conserves energy during cooler months
  • Less cleaning agents needed than any other flooring material
  • Great long term investment
  • Dampen Noise for a quieter environment