Carpet Tiles


Carpet tiles, just like carpet rolls are available in a variety of design and styles. These simple carpet tiles, or carpet squares make the process of installing carpet in a room much less messy and complicated.

Along with easy installation carpet tiles also can be replaced easily in the event that a section of carpet tiles are stained or worn over time, without having to replace the entire carpet.

Carpet tiles on the market today are offered with both adhesive and non-adhesive backs. Versions that feature adhesive backs are installed by peeling off protective-sheeting on the backing, and applying the carpet tiles in position on the flooring. Non-adhesive carpet tiles can be placed in position with the use of adhesive dots or pressure sensitive glue.

While typical carpet may be the best option or at least the most traditional for your home, it isn't your only one. They also come with many benefits that one wouldn't expect.

Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Pet Owners Rejoice!

Enjoy Warmth And Comfort Underfoot Without The Worry Of Accidents Permanently Staining Your Floor. Your Carpet tiles May Be Individually Removed for Spot Cleaning or Replacement When Accidents Occur. It's Really The Best Of Both Worlds. It Is One of The Great Advantages of Carpet tiles.


Ease of Access:

Easy access to floor mounted computer and electrical outlets eliminate the need to disturb the entire carpeted surface area. Conventional roll carpeting does not allow this flexibility.

Ease of Replacement:

Damaged or soiled Carpet tiles may be easily removed by simply replacing the affected Carpet tile with a fresh tile.

Design Flexibility:

The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination to create your own unique designs.

Do It Yourself & Save Money:

No special tools required. A chalk line, straight edge, utility knife, and some of double-sided carpet tape is all that's required for a professional looking job.

Easy to Maintain:

Maintenance is Simple, Quick, and Easy. Vacuum regularly, blot spots and spills as quickly as possible, then flush with cool water. It's that Easy. No special cleaning or chemical treatments required.

Soft, Warm & Quiet:

Soft to the touch, warmer and more energy efficient than hard surface floors. Carpet tiles naturally absorb and dampen noises.